Friday, February 5, 2010

Don't ask, don't tell?

Commander In Chief Obama has decided to undo the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy of the US military. As usual with this administration, the President has not considered the implications involved with his decision. Some questions Colonel Ollie North brought up:

1. If Congress changes the law and allows overtly practicing homosexuals in the ranks, should NAMBLA members be allowed to serve? (NAMBLA is the North American Men/Boy Love Association which believes: "Freely-chosen relationships differ from unwanted sex. Present laws, which focus only on the age of the participants, ignore the quality of their relationships. We know that differences in age do not preclude mutual, loving interaction between persons. NAMBLA is strongly opposed to age-of-consent laws and all other restrictions which deny men and boys the full enjoyment of their bodies and control over their own lives."

2. Will the military have to acknowledge same-sex marriages? If so, will military chaplains be required to perform such rituals?

3. Will same-sex couples be entitled to military housing?

4. Will these couples be allowed to serve in the same unit or aboard the same ship?

Once again our nation's security is jeopardized in the name of political correctness.


Mike West said...

yet another move to increase the decline of his popularity.

twest said...

As I understand it they'll have their own housing - identifiable with a big rainbow on barracks.....

twest said...

Ok, time to take that photo down