Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BO's media protection

Last week, Sarah Palin spoke at the Tea Party Convention to rousing standing ovations. She apparently had jotted down a couple of the main points of her speech on her hand. Well, when this became known to the mainstream media, she was immediately ridiculed. Why? I'm not sure. Especially when you consider that Obama couldn't even speak to 12 year olds without using a teleprompter! Where was the media coverage there?! If George W. Bush had pronounced corpsman as "corpse man" as Obama has done several times, it also would have been covered coast to coast, but not so with Obama. The protection this less than bright President receives from the MSM is sickening.


twest said...

I about fell off my chair last night when I heard it on Fox News. No one else has mentioned it yet Palin is made fun of for a few crib notes on her hand. I bet he thinks Colonel is a bookkeeping term....I used to get pissed off when he didn't salute the Marine when getting off Marine One. Now he gives him some sort of half-assed salute

Mike West said...

Rush did a hilarious bit where George Bush was teaching BO how to pronounce a bunch of other "corps" words like; job corps, peace corps, etc.