Thursday, February 4, 2010

The McCain-Feingold Act was based on racism.

The McCain-Feingold Act severely limited corporate contributions to political campaigns while giving media corporations a pass. McCain-Feingold closed loop holes left available by the Tillman Act of 1907. What's interesting about Senator Ben Tillman, the author of the legislation and a Democrat from South Carolina, was his outright racism. He freely stated that one of his goals in life was the subjugation of the "Negro". He believed corporate America supported the American Negro excessively and needed to be regulated. Thus, the Tillman Act.

Recently, the Supreme Court overturned McCain-Feingold based on the principle of free speech. Guess which party is upset about this ruling? You got it - the Democratic party. President Barack Obama, the first black President, went so far as to castigate the Supreme Court for their ruling during his State of the Union address to Congress. Why would he do that? Two reasons come to mind. First, he's not familiar with the history of the issue and secondly, he blatantly got around the rules of McCain-Feingold by demonstrating incompetent record keeping. I think it's both in his case.

Notably absent from the State of the Union address was Justice Clarence Thomas who recently defended the recent ruling by strictly applying the Constitutional principle of free speech which states there is no numerical limit to the amount of people who want to express a point of view. Justice Thomas went on to say the reason he does not attend the State of the Union address is because it has become too political with the applause, catcalls, murmuring and grumbling.

It makes me wonder who really has concern for the American black man - the liberal Barack Obama or the conservative Clarence Thomas?

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Mike West said...

I wondered where Justice Thomas was. I thought maybe they didn't let him in because he's a black conservative - something that just makes their heads spin.