Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Obaminable" Circumstance

I know you'll find this hard to believe, but when Obama was elected President of the United States I actually teared up. Although I didn't vote for him, I was proud that our country had finally laid racism aside. Another thing you will probably find hard to believe is I voted for Jimmy Carter when he ran for President. Why? Because after Watergate and subsequent Nixon pardon, I felt this country needed a change. Boy, did we get one! Runaway inflation, gas rationing, double digit interest rates, energy crisis, the demasculation of the military, the seizing of hostages in Iraq - I could go on and on. It was, by far, the most embarrassing Presidency of my life time (until possibly now). Thus the single term.

I believe Carter's comments reflect his own racism. Many of the attitudes he expressed were very common, especially in the South where he was raised, and especially among Southern Democrats - creators of the Jim Crow laws. What has happened since Obama's election is that liberals and Democrats have seized upon Obama's race to deter criticism of his far left views. They are demonstrating on a large scale how to play the "race card". I find it interesting that the RNC chairman is a black man and is one of Obama's greatest critics. Joe Wilson is not a racist. He made a mistake. After listening to Obama call those that oppose him liars, and then proceed to lie himself, Wilson responded emotionally. Granted, it was rude and violated decorum. But it was true. And it wasn't racist.

It has become politically incorrect to speak about Adolf Hitler in any form or fashion when discussing politics. Once again, the left is using PC to protect Obama. Anyone familiar with the history of Hitler's rise to power in the 30's and his initial actions once he became Chancellor cannot help but compare it to Obama's rise. If you have any doubt, check out the 1938 "Man of the Year" issue of Time magazine. The fact is, there are lots of similarities - not only with Hitler and his policies, but with Carter and his policies. If we don't learn from history, then we're fools and deserve the consequences of our ignorance.

There are those in this world who are taking advantage of political correctness. Now, since the election of Obama, there are those who are taking advantage of their race. The left is encouraging both. And as President Obama says, they should be "called out" about it.


Mike said...

I saw this and thought - why not just take some gasoline and throw it on a fire. The only difference is the left is starting the fire too.
I have to admit - I voted for Carter too - it was the first election I could participate in. I did like Jimmy's brother Billy though. He would have made a better president.

J Dub said...

To accuse someone that you don't know of racism just because they disagree with the President is INCREDIBLY insulting and is racist in and of itself. I'm sick on this race business. We're not in the '60s anymore. Blacks (and any other minority) can succeed in any job, anywhere in this country (including the top job in the land). Yeah, there are some idiots out there who still have racist feelings and act on them. But the overwhelming majority of Americans understand that people are people, no matter their color.

Anyone who doesn't judge someone's job performance based solely on their merits and abilities but brings race into the equation is just plain ignorant. Anyone who accuses someone else of being that type of person, without knowing them, is just as, if not more, ignorant.

The ones making these claims are the true racists. They're the ones keeping race in the conversation and making it the main issue here.