Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rays to the Series

Whew! The "run machine" sputtered there for a couple of games, but they pulled a nail biter out tonight to go to the Series. I've become a real fan. This team reminds me of the '87 Twins - young, assertive, and enjoying themselves. Take it to the Phillies! Congrats to the Rays!


Mike West said...

In baseball, I always root for the team with the smaller payroll.

twest said...

As I write this the Rays have the Series tied 1-1, game 3 tonight in Philly. I was in the hospital when they blew the 7 run lead with Red Sox and I didn't think they would recover (certainly didn't help my recovery) These guys can play some serious ball. Well-coached and well-managed they deserve this rise in fame so I've become a huge fan as well.