Sunday, October 19, 2008

It IS about race.

Watching General Colin Powell endorse Obama on Meet the Press today, I kept asking myself, "Why?". He had no good reason. He said the Republican party had "narrowed". And the Democratic Party has NOT narrowed? The Democratic Party is controlled by the far left. Powell stated he had doubts about Sarah Palin's experience. He then states that Obama has been "studying" the issues for 2 years. When challenged about Obama's lack of experience, he stated Obama would surround himself with very capable advisors. And Palin would not? He stated that he had concerns about McCain's approach to the economy. Powell said NOTHING about Obama's plan. If he's like most of us, he's trying to figure out how raising taxes would solve today's economic problems. When asked about Obama's plan for withdrawing from Iraq, he remarked that we are already in the process of withdrawing. Could that be because we are WINNING? General Powell is an accomplished soldier and statesman. He spent his entire adult life fighting socialism. He owes a great deal of his success to the Republican party. You don't get to be a general, CENTCOMM commander, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, NSC advisor to the President, and Secretary of State without having political connections. There is only one reason General Colin Powell would turn his back on John McCain, a friend who endorsed Powell's ideas of overwhelming force in warfare, a fellow soldier, statesman, and member of the Republican Party. He wants to see a black man elected President of the United States.


Mike West said...

Not only race but I believe there is some vindictiveness toward the Republican party. The story-line regarding the war is that Powell was set up. The idiot Bush tricked him too I guess.

twest said...

Ditto on Mike's comment. However, I really don't think it is as much about race with Powell as it is his disdain with the Bush Administration. Sure, he was set-up, but so was everyone else in the world. He may be thinking more in terms of his "legacy" after being hung out to dry as Secy of State. He was an advocate of "overwhelming" force to go in and secure Iraq quickly (as was McCain) but Rumsfeld disagreed and we're just now getting a handle on the country. I'll admit, I was surprised he supported Obama and just didn't stay neutral, but I think his biggest beef was the narrowmindedness.