Friday, October 17, 2008

The Humor Debate

In all the years I have followed politics, I don't think I've ever witnessed an exchange like this. Great fun! What's not shown is McCain's eloquent and heartfelt tribute to Obama following his remarks. Some said it brought tears to their eyes. Say what you want about McCain. He's a hero, a good guy, and a great statesman who served this country as few have. He deserves my vote and will get it.


Mike West said...

Punks in the senate - great comment. I agree, McCain's a hero - but he ain't got what it takes to win this election. I heard McCain's tribute to Obama. Obviously, McCain knows what it takes to get to this level. And they both seem to have respect for each other. Although I must admit, I'm not so sure I see why McCain respects BO.

Lyndsey said...

that was great!