Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oprah speaks for young black men - not American women.

Oprah has refused to have Governor Sarah Palin on her show. If there was ever a woman who represents what Oprah supposedly has epitomized, it's Sarah Palin. Oprah's undying support for Obama is based on two factors - race, and her hatred for President Bush. There is no other reason, unless she thinks the country can be run using platitudes and poll watching. She says the reason Governor Palin will not be on her show is because she will be featuring no candidates from now until the election. Of course, Leno and Letterman have no problem with having candidates as guests. My opinion is she made that announcement to the detriment of her candidate. If it were not for Palin, you better believe she would have had Zero on her show several times. So, in that respect BO is being denied a real source of exposure. That's a good thing. If I were an American woman, I would boycott the show and let Oprah know why. (I already boycott the show, but I don't think she would care if I let her know why.)


Harry Knopp said...

For those who want to learn more about Sarah Palin or show their discontent with Oprah:

There's a section of links on to:
--The "Get Sarah Palin on Oprah" petition and website
--The page where you can buy her biography
--The Anchorage newspaper's biography of her
--The blog that has followed her career
--The local Anchorage news outlets that cover her
--Other Sarah Barracuda-related sites

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Thanks Harry!

Mike West said...

There is a somewhat legitimate reason for her not to open that door. If she has Palin on she must provide equal time to all VP candidates including Bob Barr's running mate, and I think there are actually a couple of other third party type candidates she would have to include.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Leno and Letterman have no "fairness" requirements. She can have whoever she wants for entertainment's sake.

Mike West said...

Looks like Oprah's show is exempt.
Under federal law, broadcast stations -- which operate on airwaves owned by the people -- are required to give equal time to candidates for public office. The whole doctrine raises free-speech concerns about the government's dictating the content of programming. But in any case, Ms. Winfrey is probably exempt. There is properly an exception for news interview programs, which her show -- and, recently, Howard Stern's -- have been ruled to be. But even if Ms. Winfrey has the right to invite only one candidate, it is a poor use of her franchise.

vwatt said...

Oprah's "reason" for not having Saint Sara on her show(as stated by Oprah) is because she says since she has never before publicly endorsed a candidate, but has endorsed Obama(surprise) this year, she does not want to turn the show into a political roundtable for two months. She would be forced to endure interviews not only with Palin, but Barr, Nader, Paul, and the rest of the wingnuts.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

No she wouldn't.