Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bear endorses Obama

Black Bear, president of UFDA (United Forest Diners of America), the forest's wildlife union, has recently decided to endorse Obama. Mr. Bear said, "We believe Senator Obama best reflects our desires and goals. These desires and goals can best be achieved through Obama's plan for free government handouts." Bear also stated another major reason for his endorsement is Obama's plan for universal forest fire insurance. Obama has stated that should things heat up in the woods, Bear and others like him will simply do nothing - just wait for the government to come get them. Senator Obama has yet to comment on the UFDA endorsement.


Mike West said...

Interesting endorsement. He represents a whole generation that would prefer to step up to the government feeding trough.

twest said...

It's well documented that the black bears are overwhelming for Obama. However, the white Polar bears are having to work their butts off jumping from iceberg to ice flow just for a fish, or maybe a baby seal...they need some sort of representation

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

However, because the white bears are so much more productive, they will be required to subsidize the black bears under the new tax code.