Friday, September 5, 2008


The truth is so elusive. I had high expectations that O'Reilly would be able to pin O'Bama down on the major issues. I was not able to watch the entire interview, but I did see "highlights". The highlights I saw convinced me that when you get two bloviaters together, all you get is bloviation - no specifics, no plans. O'Reilly likes to hear himself talk almost as much as Biden. I will give him credit for getting "Zero" to admit the surge has worked. But of course he wouldn't admit it was successful. O'Reilly, in his summation of the interview, has determined that Obama is not a "wimp". I feel so much better. Another opportunity lost.

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Mike West said...

You're right, the truth is allusive. I saw part 1 of the 3-4 part interview. Typical programming ploy to make you tune in 3-4 times for ratings purposes. The rest is coming up next week.
It helps BO. BO is a good politician. He will tell whoever the audience is at the time whatever he needs to, so as to appease them. Plus, he will try to make the topic as confusing as possible so as to not take a position. I also do not agree with either OReilly or BO when they say "history will prove that we picked the wrong battleground in Iraq." As far as I'm concerned, there were 2 battles to be fought. One, in Afghanistan to take on Al-Queida and 1 in Iraq to take care of a crazy dictator who led us to believe that not only was he himself a weapon of mass destruction but he also had/ has a stockpile of weapons. That's why Bush and Blair decided to take him out. We did miscalculate how many factions would be stirred up by the invasion but how would you know for sure ahead of time? Monday morning quarterbacking is always fun but rarely does it solve anything for the game that already took place. I'm just thankful we made the right adjustments at half-time so we could win the game. OReilly usually turns his interviews into an interview with himself. I predict you will never hear BO say "I made a mistake." The messiah does not make mistakes. We cannot comprehend issues like he can. We're just not smart enough.