Friday, July 25, 2008

Another interesting option

Another thought about potential veeps was Joe Lieberman. McCain would announce he's a one term President and he and Lieberman would work for 4 years doing what's best for the country. No politics. Think they would get elected?


MWest said...

He crossed my mind but another blogger made some interesting observations.
"Joe Lieberman: Picking McCain's friend Joe Lieberman, an independent with strong foreign policy credentials, but who is weak everywhere else from a conservative point of view, would do even more damage to McCain with conservatives while burnishing his appeal to independents. Given how much trouble McCain is having with winning over conservatives, selecting Lieberman would be a particularly bad move, but you know, we are talking about "Maverick" John McCain here."

vwatt said...

I think Joe would be an excellent choice as VP for McCain! As a team they might lose some of the solid "Bush base"(those without jobs, healthcare, homes, or pensions, but who are glad they don't have gay married terrorists living next door) but they might attract a few votes from the angry Hillary base whose votes would be wasted on Bob Barr or Ralph Nader!! :-)