Saturday, July 26, 2008

Did all of these people really come to see Obama?

Or did they come to the free concert with free beer and brats to see the two most popular rock bands in Germany? It was interesting that Obama was the "closing act" of the evening's activities. Also interesting was who paid the bands. Take a guess. It's like having McGovern show up at Woodstock and trying to convince the public tens of thousands of hippies were there for the express purpose of hearing his speech. And do you really believe all those Germans understood what Obama was trying to say? They study English in school, but they're far from fluent. Clay was just over there and experienced their lack of English fluency first hand. How many Americans do you think would show up to see a candidate for the German chancellorship speak in German on the Mall in Washington, DC? How many do you think would show up if he/she spoke after a free Stones concert? The whole thing was a set up and the American public will fall for it, thanks to the media.

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MWest said...

Hey...I fell for it and I try to keep up. I heard one short comment on FOX about free beer but I thought they were kidding. I still say this backfires on him in the heartland of America.