Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TSA is not the problem.

I have a bit of experience dealing with airplanes, airline travel, and airport security. Watching the cable news, reading the newspapers, and the internet, one would think the reason for the successful terrorist attack on NWA 253 was due to problems with TSA and security at the airport. (If you don't think it was successful, watch the cable news, read the newspapers and the internet.) The airport and the TSA screening location are the last line of defense. If an individual planning a terrorist attack gets that far, then the problem was much greater than any mistakes made at the X ray machine or metal scanners.

The REAL problem comes from the leadership. Political correctness and international approval are not reasonable motives for achieving the safety of all Americans as they travel. Giving terrorists the same rights as American citizens is not going to help solve the problem. The world needs to know if YOU attack our country, YOU and YOURS will suffer - big time. I remember in college we used to constantly play little pranks on each other. After awhile, I found it annoying and decided the only way to stop it was to respond massively. If someone put gum in my faucet, I would throw their bed out of the 3rd floor window into the snow. It didn't take long for the pranks to cease.

Obviously, I don't believe terrorist attacks are pranks, but I do believe we should respond massively. Reading the terrorists their Miranda rights only encourages them to continue to "play their pranks". Since the current Occupant took over the White House, those meaning to do us harm know they'll be treated well if captured. Those supporting terrorist activities will be protected and continue their plans to kill us.

Watch Obama continue to play the blame game.

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Mike West said...

Difference in Bush & Obama. Bush would say, "we didn't do what we should have done and I'm responsible." BO says "they didn't do their job and they're responsible."