Saturday, January 2, 2010

Icicle on my deck

At the time of filming, this icicle was about 6' long and still growing. It would probably have been 8' long had it not been for global warming.


twest said...

I know what you mean. It was 37 here this morning, and if it weren't for global warming I'm sure we would have had freezing temps and could have enjoyed ice skating on the pool and other winter activities done by my northern kinfolk. Unfortunately I did have to throw on a coat to run to 7-11, but heck, if it weren't for warming I'm sure I would have needed long underwear (do you still call them that?)

Mike West said...

Is watching an icicle grow kind of like watching paint dry or corn grow?
We had to cover the flowers here last night.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

The icicle fell yesterday with a loud clatter that startled us all as we watched the Vikings kick the Giants butt. I was hoping it would make it to the floor, but the GW was too much for it.