Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why I'll always remember Ed McMahon

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon represents my "innocent" years. For a long time, I was too young to stay up and watch them, but I have fond memories of hearing Mom and Dad laughing at their shenanigans. Ed was like a favorite uncle visiting. I'd hear Johnny's nasal Midwestern comment, but unable to understand it, and then Ed, Mom, and Dad would all erupt in laughter. To this day I can still hear Ed's laughter. Then in my teens I was able to stay up for "Johnny's monologue". Later on as I went off to USAFA, I remember the "TV room" in the dorm erupting in laughter at about 10:45 pm just about every weekday night with Ed leading the way as he responded to Johnny's jokes. In pilot training the Tonight Show theme song was our section theme song - Da dump da dump da, da . . . If you ever get a chance, read Ed's book, Here's Johnny!. You'll laugh like Ed. Rest in peace, Colonel.

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Mike West said...

I remember being introduced to the the Tonight Show by you and I became a fan instantly. The show has never been as good as it was with Johnny & Ed. Ed sure has had it tough the past few years.