Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mark Sanford should become a Democrat or resign.

Before the "fall"

After the "fall"

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina was an up and comer in the Republican party. The guy had it all. Good looks, charisma, good speaker, electability, and a staunch Conservative. He has (had) a beautiful family and everything is coming up roses for him. He has power, money and love. What does he do? He risks and loses it all over some woman in Argentina who he falls in love with over the internet. He realizes he needs to break it off with her, but decides to go to Argentina without telling anyone to do it. That was mistake #2. Sanford really showed his stupidity when he left South Carolina in the hands of who knows who for several days. That in itself is an impeachable offense. So he's cooked politically. There's no doubt.

If Sanford were a Democrat, there'd be no problem. He might get a tough question from Fox News, but that would be about it. I mean it was just about sex, right? And he didn't break the law, did he? Of course, there's the disappearing act to contend with. That did show irresponsibility as a government executive. But wait, what's wrong with that? We're seeing that everyday in Washington anyway. I suppose if the Governor were a Senator and a Democrat in Washington, he'd still have it all. However, he's the Governor from South Carolina, and the folks there will not put up with those kind of shenanigans. So he's cooked.

There seems to a pattern here and that is power corrupts. We keep hearing about it every day. What I don't understand is HOW it corrupts. You see a powerful Senator playing footsie in a public restroom in an airport, a President of the United States having an affair with an intern, professional athletes cheating, movie stars addicted to drugs and it just goes on and on. There has to be SOMETHING that triggers the impulse to self destruct in the midst of unimaginable success.

Maybe it has something to do with self worship. Maybe these people become idols to themselves. And we all know what God thinks about idols and how He handles them. I don't know. But I do know we're hearing about these type of falls from grace more and more.

I feel sorry for Sanford's wife and children. I feel sorry for his staff and people who have devoted their lives to his success. All of their lives are changed forever because of his stupid, selfish actions. I don't feel sorry for the soon to be ex-Governor from South Carolina. He'll get what he deserves.

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Mike West said...

When I lived in SC I always thought he marched to the beat of a different drummer. It's amazing how these guys run on "you can trust me." Heck his own family can't even trust him.