Monday, June 29, 2009

Can't we just play together?

President Obama has been stood up over the 4th of July. He invited Iranian diplomats to join July 4th celebrations at US embassies all over the world. Apparently, it’s a new foreign policy called “engagement”. It appears the Obama State Department decided that offering hot dogs to Iranian diplomats would go a long way towards convincing the mullahs not to advocate the destruction of Israel and to give up their goal of developing nuclear weapons. Turns out the mullahs had other things on their mind – like putting down demonstrations and killing innocent bystanders. Meanwhile, Obama kept the invitation open in hopes they’d still show up. Finally, after no one RSVP’d, BO rescinded the invitation. Once again, a cut rate despot gets the upper hand with this Administration. Pitiful.


Mike West said...

If this made the government news, I missed it. That's why my #1 source for keeping up with Obama news is this blog. Thank you for your service to our country!

twest said...

It IS pitiful. I thought I would never say it - but Hillary's statements are stronger and making more sense. His fear of interfering in Iran, no decisive action with No Korea, his misunderstanding of the Honduran overthrow. Yeh, let's all have a picnic