Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Obamobile. Your future vehicle. Think BO or his minions will ever be seen driving one?

Today Obama announced the new EPA standards for auto emissions and mpg. The goal is 35 mpg by 2016. The rhetoric coming from the White House is that having the smaller cars with better gas mileage would reduce emissions and go a long way towards making our country energy independent ala California. Of course California imports more fuel than any other state and many countries. Also as one of the states with the highest tax rates, California is near total bankruptcy. Is that the example we should follow?

What Obama doesn't tell you is each vehicle will cost $1300 more. Also what he doesn't tell you is that if this program is successful, federal gasoline tax revenues will decrease significantly because consumers will be "saving money at the pump". That will mean a call to raise the gasoline taxes which will erase the "money saved at the pump". Plus the smaller cars will mean less car pooling and more vehicles on the road emitting more emissions. And guess what? There's no market for these vehicles. The American public simply doesn't want to drive these tiny rolling coffins (bad news for Obamobile).

Whatever happened to increased oil exploration? Or nuclear? Wouldn't that be a couple of ways to energy independence? But let's not let common sense get in the way of regression.

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Mike West said...

Why wait? Set the example now. I think the entire presidential motorcade should be Toyota Prius' right now. I'm sure they could tint the windows and bullet proof them with no problem.