Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now there's an idea . . .

For the first time in more than 300 years, the Speaker of Britain's House of Commons has been forced out of office.

Michael Martin announced in Parliament that he will step down next month, pushed out by the scandal over MPs lavish expense claims.

"I have decided that I will relinquish the office of speaker on Sunday, 21 June," Mr Martin told the House of Commons in a brief statement, without making any comment on the scandal that cost him his post.

Many MPs felt he should take the bulk of the blame for the system of parliamentary expenses that has enraged the British public.

Details of MPs' expense claims, ranging from swimming pool and tennis court repairs to installing a chandelier and cleaning a moat, have been revealed in London's Daily Telegraph newspaper over the past fortnight.

Mr Martin's critics said he had mishandled the expenses affair and he faced an unprecedented challenge in the House of Commons and a motion of no confidence.

But his friends continue to argue that he has been made a scapegoat.
- BBC/Reuters

It's so strange when a politician does the RIGHT THING!

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Mike West said...

The Republicans having been policing themselves right out of office. The Democrats stay entrenched no matter what. William Jefferson for example is still in office I believe and he was indicted for bribery and hiding $90,000 in his freezer. If he were a Republican - he would have been asked to step down by the Republicans.