Saturday, May 2, 2009

I agree with Joe - not.

Geez, Joe I just flew to Cancun and back and I'm still alive! It's a miracle! Unfortunately (or fortunately) there were very few people there. I got a nice beachside room for the first time and the first officer and I were the only people in the restaurant for dinner. I walked on the beach for an hour and saw maybe two people. However, we did take a full airplane back. The flight attendants who worked the return flight were the only people I saw actually wearing masks. They looked ridiculous and startled and worried the passengers. When Joe puts on a mask, I will. Otherwise, no big deal.


Mike West said...

Biden's an idiot; and a heart beat away at that. What about the flight down? How full was it?

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

We brought 30 people down. A friend of mine who flew Puerto Vallerta on the same day said they brought 7 down. So Biden's comments as Vice President of the United States did little or nothing to bolster the economies of either the US or Mexico. Don't get me wrong. If there's a real threat, then don't put people in harm's way. However, there were more cases of swine flu in New York City than in the entire Yucatan peninsula of Mexico (which, last I saw, had none).