Thursday, April 9, 2009

An American President Should Bow Before No Man, Especially an Arab King

Unless, of course, he's the apologist, Barack Hussein Obama.


Mike West said...

Sure looked like it to me. This was the talk on a local talk show today. I think he's just making buds with billionaires to help him build his library when he leaves office. Sound familiar?

vwatt said...

I think a handshake is all any foreign leader should expect from a U.S. leader. I wonder if Obama did this on his own or it was the result of knucklehead "staff research" and recommendations. I can only say I prefer the bow over Bush's holding hands and the kiss on the cheek he gave the King at his ranch. But, hey, that's all about the "oil bidness", so it's OK.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

The "kiss" is very acceptable protocol as is the hand holding. Besides, the King was in ill health and on unsteady ground when Bush was holding his hand (wrist) as they were walking. Even the Arabs were miffed about Obama's bow. It was too deep, which is the equivalent of mooning the leader or mocking him. It's called doing your "homework" which the Obama Administration can't seem to get the knack of. All this stuff has been done before. They're just too arrogant (ignorant) to acknowledge it.