Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The original Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer's real name is Mitch Rapp. Mitch Rapp was created by Vince Flynn, who has written several novels about Washington, DC, terrorism, and the inner workings of our political system. Like Tom Clancy, people wonder how he got the information he uses in his novels. As Vince says, "The more successful I've become, the easier the access." Flynn is a local St.Paul native and resident. I have actually met him and his mother (at a book signing). He told me he would trade jobs with me anytime. I thought, "I would trade paychecks with you anytime." But after thinking about it, it is nice to not have deadlines. Vince Flynn's first novel is "Term Limits" (no Mitch Rapp in this one). I DARE you to read the first two pages and see if you can put it down afterwards. Great author. Great characters. Realistic.