Saturday, January 3, 2009

Only in Minnesota

Sometimes it drives me crazy living in this state. Yes, we're the state with one of highest income tax rates in the nation. Yes, we're the state that elected Jesse Ventura as Governor. Yes, we're the state that will probably elect Al Franken as our US Senator. Yes, we're the state that has a nationally ranked basketball team and nobody here knows it. And now Sunday the Vikings have a playoff game at home against the Philadelphia Eagles and it will probably be BLACKED OUT! Why? Because the Vikings can't sell enough tickets for a sellout. Why? It's the economy. If you buy a single ticket, you might get out of the building spending only about $150. But who wants to go to a game by themselves? It's the week following Christmas, so most families figure they've spent enough this season. But what really gets my goat is the Vikings have Jared Allen (69), the highest paid defensive player in the history of the sport, on their website asking the working men and women of Minnesota to cough up the dough for seats. Heck, Allen could buy the remaining tickets (approx. 3100) with the money he's been fined by the NFL this year. The economy, coupled with a general lack of confidence that the Vikings will win, has made this game a hard sell. I'll be really bummed if Clay and I can't watch the Vikings on TV, but there's always UK basketball to look forward to.


J Dub said...

I'll be pulling for the Vikes.

But you are right about UK basketball. LARGE game tomorrow.

Mike West said...

That's pitiful! They can't sell out a playoff game? Time for the Vikings to move to Lexington. Yeah...the Lexington Vikings - kind of has a ring to it. Maybe you could drive to Duluth and watch it. I'm a bit nervous about the KY game.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

THIS JUST IN! The Vikings game is a "sellout". It will be available for TV viewing. Looks like a split screen for us tomorrow. Vikings/Eagles kickoff, Wildcats/Cardinals tipoff, both at 4:30EST/3:30CST - a real sports highlight.