Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bush III?

I thought President-elect Obama would use his appearance on Meet The Press today to announce and lay out his plans for change in America. However, being one of the "stupid" people in America, I must have missed it. When discussing the economy, there were a lot of generalities discussed, but no new solutions. He won't even announce his plans to do away with the Bush tax cuts. When discussing how he would handle the Middle East situation, it could've been George Bush doing the talking without the mispronunciations and the Texas accent. So far all I'm hearing is a continuation of present policies. I think "W" got to him when they had their little private talk. Welcome to "W's" world, "O".

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Mike West said...

My guess is he will lead according to polls and by committee. Remember, he's never led anything of significance, He's a talker.