Friday, July 4, 2008


Watching the HBO special about John Adams this past winter gave me a renewed sense of the outrage the American colonists felt as subjects of the British crown. I thinks it's time the American people regenerate that outrage. We have become willing subjects of those who control foreign oil. It's time we make a new Declaration of Independence - a Declaration of Energy Independence! We need to stop depending on other countries to provide our economic lifeblood. That means drilling to increase our domestic oil supply, building more refineries, building more nuclear plants, and using the same American ingenuity we used to go to the moon to invent alternative energy sources. Otherwise, we'll just be another bunch of worthless Tories. Happy Independence Day!


twest said...

Hear, hear!!

MWest said...

Hear, hear, hear!!!

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Turns out McCain is honcho'ing an organization called "Project Lexington" to do just what I'm talking about in this post. The "Lexington" part has to do with Lexington, Massachusetts where the Revolutionary War started.