Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama

I'm starting to get real worried. Had a conversation the other day with a copilot named Andy who was an avid Obama supporter. I asked him what was so appealing about Obama. He said Obama's a friend of the unions and is not Bush. I asked him about Obama's economic and foreign policies and he said President Obama will do "whatever needs to be done." This guy is a college grad, but not a veteran. My initial impression was Andy was a conservative, but it definitely did not turn out that way. Oh well, maybe 4 years of a Democratic administration and Congress is just what the conservative movement in America needs.


MWest said...

Interesting video. Colbert's comment was hilarious - "a bong of hope."
I think McCain has a shot.

J Dub said...

You should have told your copilot to shut his mouth and know his role. That's how we do it in the Air Force (as you well know).

I think it's going to take Obama getting into office before America realizes what a terrible idea it is.