Sunday, May 11, 2008


Every Mother's Day I think about this beautiful woman. No one influenced me more than my mom. When I was twelve years old I told her I wanted to be an Air Force pilot. She didn't laugh or ridicule me. She showed me how to do it. She was always there for me through the good times and the bad. Mom was a tough woman and you certainly didn't want to ever cross her, but she was very wise and loving. She died too young.


J Dub said...

Grandma was awesome, from what I know of her. I definitely wish she was still around, especially for this upcoming weekend.

MWest said...

She was very loving and supportive of me. She was a great mom and I miss her a lot! My funniest memory of her is when she bounced on her butt down the stairs on Lakeside Drive with coffee in hand. She was laughing so hard at the bottom she could barely talk. She actually cracked her tail bone. She would sure be proud of her grandkids! Thanks for the post!
(I was the favorite)