Monday, May 19, 2008

A beautiful weekend!

It is so wonderful to see a young couple starting such a beautiful Christian-based life together. I am so proud of Justin and Kacey. Everything from their introduction when they initially met to their wedding vows has been based on the Word of God. How refreshing! To share their lives together knowing God's presence is always there will insure they will have a long, loving, and happy life together. They know the reason they are together is because God wanted them to be, and I know they will serve each other to the end of their days for that very reason. They are God's gift to each other. My blessings and congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Justin West!


Lyndsey said...

It was definitely a cool wedding! And I'm really glad I got to see you :)

Are you going to load all the pictures to some sort of shutterfly or kodak gallery site?

MWest said...

Mary & I really enjoyed seeing you this weekend! Thanks for all your help! Kacey & Justin as well as Lyndsey & Andrew are light years of where we were when we first married.