Thursday, October 28, 2010

THIS is what I'm talkin' about!!!

The President of the United States, the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military in the world where those who serve die every day, the Great Uniter, and to some the new messiah has now resorted to consorting with comedians to make his case for the upcoming election. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! There is no dignity, no shame, no embarrassment. It's all about power and the willingness to do ANYTHING to obtain and retain it. What's really bad about this demonstration of idiocy is he's appearing on "The Dunce's Show" to appeal to YOUNG people. Why? Because he thinks young people are dunces and the only way to reach them is by demonstrating his own idiocy. Young or old, be embarrassed by our leadership and get out and vote. End the lunacy!
. . . I'm going to SO enjoy the Congressional investigations to come.

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Mike West said...

His strategy has always been to attract dumb voters - the fastest growing voting block there is.