Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's always something . . .

The volcano is erupting underneath a glacier, meaning everything kicks up through a hole in the ice. Some scientists are calling it an “ice-hole,” but other scientists are saying the problem is pre-existing ash, therefore it’s more of an “ash-hole.” - Jimmy Kimmel

I came VERY close to being assigned a trip to Amsterdam that would have put me over there after the eruption. Instead I ended up in Bangkok. And I'm glad. Some pilots over there were being assigned test flights to test the performance of the aircraft in the local airspace. I would have demanded time and a half.

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Mike West said...

"Hey Rick. Since you're stuck on the ground for awhile, why not go ahead and take the plane up and see if that volcanic ash stuff can really bring down a plane?"

First it's geese and now volcanoes. Just think if you flew into a flock of geese while testing to see what could happen with the volcanic ash.

Glad you didn't go to Amsterdam.