Monday, March 8, 2010

Is there a change in the air?

Best Actor - Jeff Bridges
Best Actress - Sandra Bullock (also Best Acceptance Speech)
Best Picture - The Hurt Locker

I'm thinking there might be a change in the air. Last night I watched the Academy Awards with my lovely wife. I have to admit I didn't see it all because I was in and out of consciousness throughout the long, boring program. However, I sat up and took notice when Jeff Bridges took Best Actor. What?! A movie about country singers and blue collar workers winning an Oscar for Best Actor? Wow, quite an accomplishment seeing as how the Academy is not noted for their "Nascar" point of view, if you know what I mean. THEN Sandra Bullock takes the Oscar for playing a white, southern, conservative, very well off, soccer mom whose family does the right thing by helping someone less fortunate. What's with THAT?

I was sure AVATAR was going to win the Best Picture award. It was anti capitalistic. It was all about the environment. It was about discrimination. If there was a movie that fit the criteria for an Academy Award, that was it. But no, a simple movie about a man who loves to serve his country won. No politics, no points of view, just a simple story about a brave soldier. Unbelievable.

Something must be in the air.

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Mike West said...

Did not care at all about seeing stars give themselves awards but I'm glad to see how some of the awards came out.