Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Civil War

So FAR, it's been nonviolent. What the Social Democrats did this weekend and the collateral damage it will cause our country ranks right up there with 9/11. With the seizure of the health insurance industry using lies, bribery, and non-constitutional trickery, the socialists threw down the gauntlet in violation of the will of the people. As in post 9/11, our rights will be limited. However, this time it's not for the security of all, it's for the control of all. After 9/11, the airline and financial industries suffered immensely, now it's the healthcare and insurance industry. Some experts say with the mandates in Obama's bill, the private health insurance industry will cease to exist in three years time. It is a fact that medical professionals are already bailing out of the medical industry. With the addition of 30 million uninsured to the equation, there is NO way our government which is already broke, will be able to pay the costs. This will lead to long lines and rationing of medical care. I'm glad I've lived a full life, because as I approach my senior years, I will be a victim of the death panels. There is no doubt. That's why I'm more fearful about the future than I was on 9/12. Our only hope is to get off our butts and fight these people with everything we've got.

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Mike West said...

I'm hoping we vote them out and fix the damage done.