Thursday, January 21, 2010


This is just one more example of the total incompetence of the Obama Administration. Hundreds, if not thousands of lives were placed in jeopardy by this terrorist being allowed on that aircraft - not to mention the fact that the first thing done to this monster was to read him his "rights". Obama set up the HIG (High-value Intelligence Group) to interrogate terrorists the NEW way - not the enhanced interrogation techniques of Guantanamo. There's only one problem. THEY NEVER GOT THE HIG UP AND RUNNING! Even if it had been up and running, they wouldn't have been able to use HIG techniques, because the terrorist was Mirandized. Heads should roll.


Mike West said...

Absolutely unbelievable. I certainly feel safer. BTW - I cannot stand to hear Susan Collins speak.

twest said...

As unlikely it may be, I hope the U.S intel folks and, say, the British are working together AROUND this administration. They looked shell shocked after this event (fortunely non-event). This ineptness and cluelessness is really scary