Sunday, December 20, 2009

Minnesota Vikings offensive line fails to show up for work.

Minneapolis, MN - In a bizarre schedule "snafu",several members of the Minnesota Vikings offensive line failed to show up for the Sunday Night Football game on NBC against the Carolina Panthers. Sources say Brian McKinney, the multimillionaire offensive lineman, along with Steve Hutchison, the other multimillionaire lineman, convinced the rest of the line that it would be better to not show up and prevent any possible injuries they may encounter prior to the playoffs. "We realize we may embarrass the Vikings and their fan base by not showing up for a nationally televised game, "said Hutchison, "but we believe it will give 'ole #4 and #28 a chance to see what they're make of." Favre (#4) and Peterson (#28) refused to comment on the absence of an offensive line, but sources close to them stated they did comment on how beautiful the Carolina sky is after having spent considerable time on their backs studying it Sunday night. When asked about the scheduling mixup Sunday night, Coach Brad Childress commented "What game?". Sources are also stating the Vikings offensive line is questionable for the remainder of the season.

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J Dub said...

I really could have used them last night...I needed Sidney Rice to show up for my fantasy team.

Alas, he did not.