Monday, October 5, 2009

The Mini Super Bowl

Tonight the Green Bay Packers come to the Metrodome to take on the Minnesota Vikings for Monday Night Football. I can't remember ever missing a Vikings/Packers game. You just don't do that in the north country. And if you do, you better have a good excuse like running to the store to get more brats and beer. In past years, I watched the game in hopes of seeing the Vikings kick Favre's butt, because if they didn't, Favre would kick the Vikings butt, often single-handedly. This year it's like living in the anti-universe for fans from both sides. For Vikings fans, it's easier to accept Favre wearing purple because with the team he has behind him, a run for the Super Bowl is a real possibility. So, as far as Vikings fans are concerned, we'll do whatever it takes. Many Packer backers are upset at the Green Bay general manager for letting Favre go. They would be happy to see Favre and the Vikings stomp the Packers just to show how wrong management was. Others are just plain 'ole Brett Favre fans and would root for any team Number Four plays for. They're now Vikings fans. And then there are true green and gold Packers fans who root for the team irregardless of who's the quarterback. They'll be the ones wearing cheese head hats at the game.

It'll be a Super Bowl atmosphere in most households across the Upper Midwest tonight. Lots of parties are planned. I'll only be able to watch the 2nd half because of Bible Study Fellowship, but I will be praying it's a close game up to that point. Debbie (a Brett Favre fan), Clay, and I will be enjoying sloppy joes and chips when I get home. I predict a Viking victory, but it won't be pretty. It never is when these two teams go at it.


twest said...

Look forward to the game! Before the divisions line-ups were changed Tampa Bay - Green Bay became a great game. Favre loved to mix it up with Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks on the Tampa defense. All will be Hall of Famers. I think it's great #4 is still at it

Mike West said...

It definitely had a big time atmosphere. I watched the first half and taped the second but haven't watched it. Who won? :)