Monday, September 28, 2009

The Greatest Play I've Ever Seen - Bar None!

I have been a Vikings fan for going on 30 years. I've seen a lot of good plays and great catches. I've had my heart broken more times than I care to think about, but yesterday, with 2 SECONDS left in the game, I saw the greatest play I have EVER seen in my life to win the game! Watch the video. Watch Favre scramble. Watch the hit he takes after the throw. Watch the catch. Then watch Favre's reaction as he lay on the turf. When asked about The Play, Favre had a simple explanation, "It was luck."


Mike West said...

I bet that was fun to see live. The catch was better than the throw.

twest said...

I'm really glad to see optimism return to the Twin cities - my bother-in-law buys the NFL package so he can catch the Vikings in NJ. We are wallowing in despair in Tampa Bay. Started off great against Dallas even though losing. Last Sunday against the Giants looked like the FL-Ky game (sorry Mike)