Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obamacare going postal?

Now there's a plan I could sign on to. Let's see. USPS competes with FEDEX and UPS. USPS is worthless and loses billions every year at taxpayer expense. FEDEX and UPS are profitable, provide excellent service, and employ hundreds of thousands of taxpayers. So based on the President's reasoning, we should sign on to a public health plan competing with private plans because it will be worthless, provide poor service, and cost the taxpayers billions. No problem. WAKE UP, AMERICA!!


twest said...

Obama seems to have made an excellent argument - unfortunately not for the side he's on and would probably like to grab those words and stuff them back in. Maybe Biden's diareah mouth is contagious

Mike West said...

He's so brilliant he out debated himself. wow!