Monday, July 13, 2009

Why they go "up north"

I have to say I used to make fun of people who would drive 3 hours up north to the lake place so they could spend the weekend doing chores they could do at home and then drive 3 hours back. However, having spent a couple of weekends in the "North Woods" with Debbie and her family, I'm beginning to see the attraction. This is the scene I woke up to Sunday morning. The Artist had been at work.


Mike West said...

Awesome photo! There is nothing better than being out in a small boat on a serene lake early in the morning. If you can catch a fish or two, that's even better. I hope you can eventually make into the "big house."

twest said...

That's a mighty purdy pitcher Rick.

I remember visiting Care's folks in MI and everybody had a cabin "up North" . Being from Fla I presumed I WAS up North - how much further could it be?