Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah "obamasizes" her career.

This past weekend Sarah Palin announced she will resign as Governor of Alaska. Personally, I think it's a good move. First of all, she had to. Why? Because she's not a rich woman - yet. The legal bills she's run up defending herself from frivolous ethics charges from Democrats in Alaska are outrageous. It's taken her focus away from running the state and redirected it towards doing what's best for her family. I am sure there are "sources" out there, not including the book deal, that will make it worth her while to become a private citizen.

Second of all, the election of Obama shows that experience is no longer a prerequisite to becoming the most powerful person in the world. It's now "rockstarablility". That's what Obama had, and that's what Sarah Palin has. She has an opportunity now to do what she couldn't take the time to do as Governor. And that's to become the voice of Middle America - the blue collar, hard working, normal everyday people who are taking the brunt of Obama's socializing of this country.

The left is going to call her a quitter. She'll call herself an innovator and respond with Obama's record of not being there in the Senate while he made his run for the Presidency. She may even say something about knowing what it's like to actually have had a real job. She'll say she's doing Alaska a favor by stepping aside and allowing a full time Governor to take over rather than someone who's constantly having to defend herself. It's a sacrifice she's making for the people of Alaska, not abandonment. She'll say a lot about Obama's campaign promises vs. the reality of his administration. She's going to school and will become real smart about what the current administration is doing in this country and the world. As a result, her articulation of the issues will become more and more powerful. She might even appear on Fox News. Sarah Palin could become Obama's worst nightmare.

I hope she does.

Or she might just become a stay at home mom.


Mike West said...

I agree with the Fox News possibility. She'll probably have a regular gig there. I do not think she could ever be elected President however. She has been ridiculed and demonized to a point she can not recover from, at least on the presidential stage. But I agree, she can be a strong voice for middle Americans who believe this country was founded on a hard-working Godly foundation - the one segment of the population rapidly decreasing.

twest said...

Unfortunately, she has become DanQuayled by the media - 'member him? Exactly.

Her move was surprising, but, understandable. I think it was for her family first and foremost. Enough is enough. I'm still waiting on husband Todd to pay Letterman a visit on his next trip to the lower 48. Can you imagine what he's had to endure with the vile comments about his wife and family.

She very well could end up on Fox along with Huckabee, but I think she'll be a little more pro-active with speeches, etc.