Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Wheels

What an adventure we had this weekend! Clay, Debbie, and I flew to Bentonville, Arkansas this weekend to pick up my late nephew, Scott's car. My sister, Kay, and her husband, Jeff, thought it would be a great idea for Clay, who turned 16 this spring, to have the car. Their generosity and hospitality this weekend is something we will never forget. We had a great time and the 12 hour drive home back to Minnesota was uneventful - thanks to Jeff's excellent maintaining of the '91 Honda Accord.

Clay had some experience driving a stick shift prior to this trip. In fact his Aunt Kay taught him the basics with this car during our last visit. This trip, we worked on starting out in 1st gear on hills. It was exciting at times, I must admit, but Clay progressed rapidly and now he's one of the very few kids his age who can drive a standard transmission. He should be proud of his accomplishment. I know I am.

Clay's cousin, Scott, was killed by a drunk driver. This is a story we know Clay will tell his teenage friends riding in Scott's former car, which makes Kay and Jeff's generosity even more meaningful. We all hope Scott's legacy will live on to help prevent a similar tragedy in other families. I believe God had a hand in this entire transaction. Thanks again, Kay and Jeff. We love you.


J Dub said...

That sounds like it was quite the adventure. It was really nice of Jeff & Kay to give Clay the car. Your first car is something you'll never forget. Mine was also a stick shift ('88 Ford Ranger), and I remember telling Dad (as I stalled yet again going up another hill on the country roads by our house), "I'll never learn how to drive this thing."

I figured it out. It's a good skill to have.

Mike West said...

Great act of kindness by Kay & Jeff and I'm sure it was tough for them. They have been wonderful examples to us all!!
Hey Clay - how does a road trip to South Florida sound in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter?