Thursday, July 16, 2009

The hearing is over.

Watching the above exchanges between Franken, Sotomayor, and Leahy, was almost cathartic to me. I suddenly realized . . It's all one big joke to these people! We're talking about granting this woman unbelievable power for life and Franken is up there joking (like I knew he would) about Perry Mason. The Obama election, the socialization of America, the castration of our intelligence agencies and military, the appointment of judges, the nationalization of private industry, the apologetic foreign policy - it's all one big cruel joke. Unfortunately, none of us are laughing except the liberal elite who won't suffer the consequences of their insane policies and decisions. As far as the hearing goes, it's "rope-a-dope" the rest of the way for the next Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor.

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Mike West said...

There's 1 minute and 46 seconds I'll never get back. Pretty amazing they were watching at the same time because there was no internet? Don't we watch American Idol at the same time and the internet has nothing to do with it?