Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Opportunity Lost

They're protesting in the streets. Protesters are being beaten, arrested and killed. The Presidential "election" is the excuse, but the real reason for the protests is they want a regime change. This was something the Bush Administration hoped for and spoke about often. Now it's happening and what is the Obama Administration's response up to this point? "We don't want to 'meddle'". Why? Because Obama does not want to alienate the ruling regime. If that happens, then Obama's worried he won't be able to have "civil discourse" with the Iranian leadership if the "revolution" fails. Hey Mr. President! How about this: MR GORBACHEV, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!" Remember that? What if the Iranian Revolution succeeds? How much cooperation would we receive from a pro-western democracy in Iran?

What we need is a President with some testicular fortitude.

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Mike West said...

He doesn't want to make any enemies. He wants everyone to like him - even maniacs.