Saturday, December 20, 2008

I think he's going to get off.

The reason I say this is, I don't think he did anything illegal. He talked about it, using vulgar language, etc., but unless Fitzgerald has something we don't know about, I don't think Blago will be indicted. I could call a friend up and talk about how I want to rob a bank, but unless I actually do it, I'm not doing anything illegal. I think Fitzgerald did what he did to stop the Governor from doing something illegal. Maybe the Obama team saw it coming and suggested to Fitzgerald that now is the time to blow the whistle. Blagojevich will be appointing the next Senator from Illinois.

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Mike West said...

I say he doesn't do jail time, is impeached, will not appoint a senator but writes a best-selling book and has a movie made about his life and lives happily ever after.