Saturday, November 29, 2008

A wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

I just want to thank Mary and Mike for their wonderful hospitality this Thanksgiving weekend. Mike's annual Thanksgiving gratitude jar was a hit as usual. The last number of comments I saw was 92 and that's including some that had multiple entries. I would have to say the West (et al) family is a thankful bunch. We had a blast playing Wii tennis, bowling, and golf. I have to say I have a real talent for the various games. It's probably a good thing I don't have one of these systems at home because I would be setting all kinds of records. ;-) Don't tell anyone, but I woke up a bit sore the morning following some of those Wii sessions. Mike and I had fun playing some fair to poor bluegrass music. I also enjoyed watching Gracie train Mike on the "Come!" command at the park. She just about has him where she wants him. Also having the privilege of watching UK basketball with Mike is an experience one doesn't forget. Another thing we did was watch the movie, "Four Christmases". I give it two thumbs up! Great fun! Finally, what can I say about Mary's feast preparation? It was magnificent! I did my best to make as much of it disappear as I could, but I barely made a dent (Well okay, maybe more than a dent). Our conversation during Thanksgiving dinner was about how far we had come since last year at this time. It's amazing the trials we endure and how much we grow in a year. It's another thing I'm thankful for. Thanks Mike and Mary! Love ya both!

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Mike West said...

Thanks for coming! You made our Thanksgiving.
We love you too!