Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Effie, the Super Cat

Last year on Halloween I adopted Effie, the Super Cat, from the Humane Society. Therefore, October 31st became her new birthday. She's now 4 years old. Effie has been such a pal for me this year. She's more like a dog than a cat and most importantly, she really seems to enjoy my company. Some of her super powers include a vertical jump four times her height, virtually instant rejection of internal hairballs, an undying love for THE STRING, no fear of large deer peering in our window, the elimination of the evil box elder bugs in our townhouse, and a threatening growl when someone rings the doorbell. Love ya Effita.


Mike West said...

Effie rocks! Its amazing how much difference a pet can make in our lives.
Funny story. I took Chubs to the vet this morning convinced she had a cancerous tumor where her tail joins her back. We noticed a big hump on her back about 3 weeks ago and we were a little grossed out by it. I touched it a couple of times and I was convinced it was a large tumor. So the vet assistant walks into the examining room while I"m holding Chubs. I'm thinking if this requires a surgery more than $500 - it's good-bye Chubs - but the assistant takes one look and says "hmm...that's a big hair ball - her hair is entangled - I can fix that." So she takes out some electric clippers and shaves it right off. I just started laughing. (in relief) Turns out, some cats secrete more oil from their skin that others and that spot where the tail meets the back is an area they can't reach when grooming themselves with their tongues. Since they can't reach it - it becomes entangled. Boy did I feel stupid. (But relieved) Chubs is overweight but other than that, she's doing great. I never thought I would like cats very much but we love Chubs and of course Allie. Allie has been through 4 moves with us and keeps on ticking. Although we are getting a bit tired of cleaning up cat puke every once in a while.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

That's a relief. I'm sure Gracie would have missed her immensely.