Friday, October 24, 2008

Today I met a modern day Moses.

The subject of this year's Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is Exodus. Today I attended a breakfast meeting for Search Ministries, a Christian foundation founded over 20 years ago by ex-Minnesota Viking, Jeff Siemon, . About 500 attended the meeting. The presenter was Tim Mahoney featured in the video above (which was shot about a year ago). After the meeting, a friend of mine introduced me to Tim. After the introduction, he, my friend, and I had about a 30 minute conversation.

This man has truly been touched by God. Tim believes he was called by God to present this evidence to the world. He has suffered untold misery and tests since he undertook this project. Because much of the evidence of the Old Testament is located in Arab and Muslim countries, it is either off limits or has been destroyed. He described the fear he has felt as he pursued leads of scientific, historic, archaelogical, and political significance. Tim talked about how inadequate he felt and how he often feared for his life - at least until he felt the courage of God envelope him one day, and heard His voice say, "It is they who should fear, not you." Since then he has had the strength and resolve to do whatever he had to do, or go wherever he had to go, to do God's work.

Tim is a "gentile" and a Christian. He is doing this project for the people of Israel. At least 50% of the people of Israel are what we would call "secular". Tim explained that in Israel, "secular" is not the same as it is in the US. Seculars in Israel attend temple, read the Torah, and follow many of the Jewish traditions. However, many don't believe their own story. When presented with this film, Tim believes the modern day Israelites will be rocked to their very foundation in a world changing fashion. In two weeks this film will be shown to top leaders in Israel - to include President Simon Peres and former Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu. From there it will make it's way back to the US.

In the film Tim does not offer any opinions or beliefs. He states what the Bible says and compares it to the evidence, then lets each individual make their own judgment. I didn't see the entire film today. But the clips I saw presented evidence of Joseph's house, its location and it contents (no bones), and the parting of the Red Sea to include evidence of chariot wheels at the bottom. Very, very powerful stuff.

As I watched Tim tell his story to us during the conversation after the meeting, I had the very powerful feeling of standing next to a true Man of God. This man had heard God, spoken with Him and witnessed His miracles. I could see it in his face and could feel his passion. He teared up describing how God has provided him a path to follow and blessed him with one miraculous event after another. It gave me goose bumps to hear him speak.

It was an amazing morning to say the least.

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