Friday, October 10, 2008

Connecting the dots . . .

Obama works as a community activist for ACORN . . . Obama trains ACORN field workers to register voters and obtain subprime home loans . . . Obama joins Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church . . . Barack and Michelle Obama are married by Rev. Wright . . . Obama represents ACORN in a lawsuit against the state of Illinois . . . Obama joins the New (Socialist) Party of Chicago . . . Obama's children are baptized by the Reverend Wright . . . Reverend Wright espouses anti US and racial viewpoints from his pulpit . . . Obama says he was NEVER present when those comments were made . . . Obama's political career is launched from the home of domestic terrorist and socialist, Bill Ayers . . . New Party website announces party member Barack Obama is elected in a noncontested election for State Senator . . . Obama votes "present" 130 times . . . Obama runs for US Senate . . . His opponent leaves the race for personal reasons . . . Obama serves 2 years in US Senate . . . Obama initiates no legislation . . . Obama is ranked MOST liberal senator in the Senate . . . Obama announces his candidacy for President of the United States . . . The Obama campaign contributes $800K to ACORN . . . Obama campaign refuses to reveal the sources of the campaign donations . . . The FBI raids ACORN headquarters nationwide for fraud in voter registrations . . . Obama buys 30 minutes of primetime TV . . . Senator Barack Hussein Obama is elected President of the United States of America?


kacey leigh said...

i don't know that i could be any more scared. really. glad i know that God is ultimately in control in all of this... otherwise i'd really be worried.

vwatt said...

I thnk we all need a "little" levity":

Obama Clinches 'Joe Cabernet Sauvignon' Vote

October 8, 2008 | Issue 44•41

WASHINGTON—Following a strong performance by the Democratic nominee in Tuesday's presidential debate, political analysts overwhelmingly agree that Sen. Barack Obama has all but clinched the much-sought-after "Joe Cabernet Sauvignon" voting bloc. "Once again, Obama has proved his ability to speak directly to all the regular truffle-oil-guzzlin', Nabokov-readin', opera-attendin' folks who play such an important part in deciding this election," MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews said of the Illinois senator's strong connection with the nation's hardworking gallery owners, literary critics, and gourmet-cheese purveyors. "His strong rapport with the average haut monde Joseph could tip the scales Nov. 4." Sen. John McCain's recent attempts to reach out to this constituency by wearing an elegant silk ascot were not well received, having been described in most quarters as "pandering of the most contemptuous variety."

vwatt said...

And to remain "fair and balanced", here's another one from The Onion

Palin Brushing Up On Foreign Policy At Epcot

September 29, 2008 | Issue 44•40

ORLANDO, FL—Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin sought to silence those who have criticized her lack of foreign affairs experience Tuesday by announcing plans for a weeklong, 10-nation tour of Walt Disney World's Epcot. According to Palin, the trip—her first past Frontierland—will include speaking engagements at Norway's famous Viking ride, sausages at Germany's Kaufhaus, and, time permitting, a fact-finding mission to Future World. "This ambitious trip should finally demonstrate that I am ready to assume the vice presidency, whether by standing in long lines at Morocco's Tangierine CafĂ© or by sitting down face-to-face with Mexico's Three Caballeros," Palin announced during a campaign stop outside a Chinese restaurant in Tulsa, OK. "All of our neighbors deserve good diplomacy, from the Universe of Energy down to the French pavilion." Palin also promised a visit to the American Adventure exhibit before returning home, adding that she hoped to learn more about her own nation and the diverse peoples within.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

Actually, I think "Cabernet Sauvignon" was one of the ACORN voter registrations in Missouri. Or was that an Obama campaign contributor? The Onion's got good stuff.

Mike West said...

She also lists "It's A Mad Mad World" as one of her favorite movies.