Sunday, September 21, 2008

Much needed victory!

Gus Frerotte (fur rot), the 15 year veteran who was Tavaris Jackson's backup until this week "got 'er done" against the Carolina Panthers today. We had our doubts the first half. He seemed to be pressing a bit. However the second half, the Vikings started mixing in the running game of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor with Frerotte's passing game and they controlled the game. Final score - Minnesota 20, Carolina 10. Whew! An 0-3 start would have been just about insurmountable for post season hopes.

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Mike West said...

I watched Frerotte a few years ago with Miami when we were in S. Florida and the Dolphins were horrible. I thought he was a decent QB but he had no blocking back then. I think if he can get some pass protection he'll be OK for the Vikings.