Monday, June 9, 2008

World Traveler

Clay is headed to Germany today. He'll be traveling from Minneapolis to Amsterdam then to Hamburg. He's traveling with a wonderful German family living in Minneapolis. Their oldest son is one of Clay's closest friends and they invited Clay to join them on a three week visit to their home in Hanover. So off he goes. Clay will be away from home for three weeks and he'll be immersed in the German culture. It should be quite an experience for him.


MWest said...

Now that's cool. Kind of like studying abroad without all the books. I hope he takes a bunch of pictures. Keep us updated on his trip. You should practice up on your fly fishing while he's gone so you can show him a few things when he gets back.

MWest said...

I remember taking a trip with another family when I was kid. Jack Campbell's parents took me & Bruce Austin and Jack to Gatlinburg when I was probably about 12 years old. I got car sick on the mountain roads while sitting in the back seat. Mr. Campbell pulled his Buick Electra 222 over doing about 65 mph so I could get out and throw up in the ditch. Great trip.