Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Strength of His Hand

There was a time I thought things were fine.
Of course we had our issues to work on.
But a sense of foreboding occupied my mind.
I knew without help, it would be gone.

I had my suspicions and so did she,
but had the truth been revealed,
we both would have seen
Our relationship cured and our love would be healed.

But it was not to be and no help sought,
despite my attempts to reconcile.
The state says there will be no fault
And the decree is final.

There for awhile I had a new friend.
It’s an emptiness inside.
A void in my life that was to end
when I asked for God’s help, afraid I would die.

He has heard my cries and comforted me
By showing me how forgiveness heals.
The gratitude I have for my family
has helped me continue and see what He reveals.

The road ahead is long and full of fear
As the Stranger attempts to steal my love.
But I know my Best Friend and Protector is here.
He’s come from above.

Now I live life day to day
Doing the best I can.
And when I’m on my knees and pray
I feel His love in the strength of His hand.


MWest said...

If this piloting thing you've been doing for over 30 years doesn't work out, you could always write a book of poetry. Good stuff!

MWest said...

Did you take the photo?

J Dub said...

Wow. Pretty powerful. God never gives up on us.

Brodad Unkabuddy said...

I did take the photo.

twest said...

Well put - excellent verse

Lyndsey said...

very nice! thanks for sharing.